Who Should Attend the Home Inspection?

Who Should Attend the Home Inspection? As a potential home buyer, you want to know as much as possible about a house before you buy it.  There are a lot of houses on the market that may look good from far, but after a closer look, they are far from good!   Attend the Inspection get a first hand look at issues that require immediate attention.  Find out what will require future maintenance, know what your buying.

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Who Should Attend the Home Inspection?

Who Should Attend the Home Inspection? Many buyers let their real estate agent handle the process and don’t even attend the inspection. This is a huge mistake. Most real estate sales professionals are going to do a great job for you, but if you rely on them to handle this process alone, then you aren’t going to hear the inspector point out any issues that might cause you to think again about whether it is the right property for you.

I will provide you with a thorough understanding of the condition of the home so you can make a confident decision that benefits you and your family. Knowing about any current problems or upcoming repair costs will help guide your decision.

If you’re trying to sell your home, it can also be helpful to get a home inspection before putting your home on the market. The inspection may reveal problems with your home that you can repair.

Not looking to buy or sell,” A Home Inspection” is still a great way to identify minor problems in your home before they become any larger and costlier.  Please call and ask for a special rate for this type of Inspection.