Pre Purchase Inspection

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Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection – The primary purpose of your Pre Purchase Inspection is to protect you and your family from purchasing a home not knowing about potential defects and hazards that may not be obvious to you.  Protect yourself from costly expenses, make an informed decision based on a thorough home inspection, get the “JK Advantage” today. A house consists of numerous building components/ systems that rely on each other to function together as one. When purchasing a home it is important to ensure that each one of these components is in good working order.  The following are some of the building components/ systems that are very closely looked at during the Home Inspection.


    • Flat roof covering.
    • Sloped roof covering.
    • Roof drainage systems.


    •  Exterior wall covering, flashing, exterior trim.
    •  Exterior doors, windows / window wells.
    • Attached decks, balconies, steps and porches, railings, guards.
    • Eaves, soffits, fascias.
    • Lot grading around the house.
    • Proximity of trees to the home.
    • Downspouts and extensions, splashpads, sump pump drainage
    • Garage gasproofing, self-closures, garage door operators.
    • Driveways / walkways.
    • Basement walk-outs.


    • Foundation.
    • Steel beams, wood beams, steel / wood columns.
    • Floor joists, wall studs.
    • Floor deflection / creaking floor joists / floors / ceramic floor cracking
    • Roof structure / trusses, rafters, roof joists, roof sheathing..
    • Fruit cellar slabs, concrete floor slabs, concrete stairs.
    • All visible framing.
    • Foundation wall cracks/ settlement. 
    • Basement moisture infiltration, evidence of mold.


    • Service drop, service equipment and the service grounding.
    • Interior components of service panels.
    • Location of the main hydro panel.
    • Size of service.
    • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI’s)
    • Type of distribution wiring, copper/ aluminum/ knob & tube.


    • Heating equipment gas, oil, hydro / forced air gas, boilers, heat pumps
    • Supplemental heating, baseboard, gas/ wood fireplaces.
    • Furnace efficiency low, mid, high efficiency.
    • Type of fuel (gas, oil, electricity).
    • Radiant floor heating.
    • Air filters electronic/  electrostatic.
    • Combustion air.
    • Furnace venting.
    • Duct system supply/ return.
    • Heat recovery ventilator (HRV).
    • Humidifier.


    • The central air conditioning systems


    • Location of water meter and main shut-off valve.
    • Interior water supply and distribution systems, galvanized, copper, plastic.
    • Check for cross connections on plumbing fixtures and faucets.
    • Water pressure.
    • Efficiency of fixtures, low flow or inefficient
    • Location of exterior hose bib shut-off valve/ frost free fixture.
    • Backflow valves on exterior hose bibs.
    • Location of floor drain.


    • Attic Insulation / venting / attic access hatch (weatherstripping / insulated)
    • Insulation / vapour barriers / Tyvec exposed
    • R – Value exposed insulation


    • Ventilation of attics.
    • Mechanical ventilation systems,  washrooms / kitchens.
    • Ventilation furnaces / hot water tanks /  dryers.
    • Check vent pipes to ensure bug screening and exposure to weather.
    • Check vent pipes for insulation.


    • Walls, floors, ceilings.
    • Stairs, handrails and guards.
    • Doors and windows.
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detection.
    • Evidence of water leaks in basement.
    • Evidence of water leaks around the windows.
    • Excessive humidity in home, sweating windows
    • Humidity level readings

FREE PHONE CONSULTATION – For as long as you own the Home.  I encourage my clients to call or email me with questions concerning maintenance, repairs, upgrades, remodeling, additions, alterations. Truly feel protected, get the “JK Advantage”.  Pre Purchase Inspection.


Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about one of the most important purchases you will make for you and your family. You will receive an impartial / unbiased comprehensive report with photographs about the condition of the home you are considering purchasing.

Pre Purchase Inspection

HRV condensate drain found unopened in packaging on top of HRV

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pay close attention to the shingles, this is a big ticket item.

Pre Purchase Inspection

This is a photo of Black mold I found during a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection.

Pre Purchase Inspection

High Humidity Levels, excessive window sweating

Pre Purchase Inspection – Report

Pre Purchase Inspection – Report – A comprehensive Home Inspection Report will be prepared with photographs documenting deficiencies noted, repair options, approximate repair costs, and emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection.  Please feel free to call and discuss concerns, ask questions, get further information. I am here to help you make an informed decision, protect your family, get the “JK Advantage”.  Call to reserve your Home Inspection today.

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