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28 Years Experience as a City Home Inspector, Commercial Inspector, Inspection Report Writing, BCIN Design, Building Advice, Building Code Consultant, Report Writing, Fire Safety Plan, Bldg. Permits. Contact John for all of your Home and Commercial Building Needs.

Home Inspection

A comprehensive Home Inspection Report will be prepared and issued to you on site, with photographs documenting deficiencies noted, repair options, approximate repair costs, emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection.  I am available for you to call and discuss concerns, ask questions, get more information, for as long as you own the home I inspected.  I am here to help you make an informed decision, protect your family.  Condos $327 + HST,  Single Family Home up to 3000sq ft only $397 + HST, for a complete list of fees please click on jk Inspection Service Rates  Please scroll over Home Inspections at the top left of the page, and click for more information.  

Commercial Inspection

A comprehensive Commercial Building Report will be prepared with photographs documenting deficiencies, repair options, approximate repair costs and emailed to you. The time it takes to perform a Commercial Inspection is dependent on the size and scope of the Inspection requested.  During some Commercial Inspections hundreds of photos may be taken, every Commercial Inspection is unique. Typically a small industrial or commercial inspection requires a full day to complete. Larger buildings can require 2 days or more to complete. Each report is fully customized and tailored to the property and the intended use of the buyer. There are the general items such as: roofs, structural, mechanical, foundation, plumbing, sewer, exterior finishes, interior finishes.  There are also other items to inspect such as, fire separations, firewalls, integrity of exits, exit signs, emergency lighting and power, elevator recall, smoke venting, fire alarms, kitchen exhaust hoods.   Please call to discuss the scope of your Commercial Inspection needs and pricing.  Fees are quoted individually depending on the location, size, age, scope of inspection and current use of the property. Please click on the following for more information on a jk Commercial Inspection, jk Commercial Inspections ,  jk Commercial Inspection Photograph Gallery  

BCIN Design Drawings

BCIN Licensed for all Building Code Categories – Residential/ Commercial – New Home Design, Basement apartments, in-law suites, rec rooms, alterations, renovations, additions, garages, decks, offices, restaurants, Liquor License floor plan layouts – AGCO.   BCIN Stamped and Sealed Drawings for smaller projects, building permit application ready.  Detached garages/accessory buildings up to 55 square metres or 592 square feet , carports, porches/ fruit cellar additions, basement walkouts, minor interior /exterior residential additions and alterations.  Please call for pricing and time necessary to prepare drawings.  Please click on the following link for more information, BCIN Design Drawings   

Fire Safety Plans – Fort Erie to Oakville

Fire Safety Plans –  Fort Erie to Oakville – Prepared in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code Section 2.8 – All Fire Safety and Life Safety Items will be included in your Fire Safety Plans, all sytems will be detailed in the report, including employees responsibilities.  The Fire Safety Plans will show the location of the nearest Fire Hydrant, entrances to the building, Fire Depart Access Routes, Fire Department Connections, Sprinkler Systems, Standpipe Systems,  Audit of the Building, Occupant Load, Electrical and Gas shut-offs to the building, Fixed Extinguishing System for Commercial Cooking Equipment, Portable Fire Extinguisher, Emergengy Lighting and Power, Emergency Procedures for Occupants, Emergency Procedures for Supervisory Staff, and so much more. Call me to have your Fire Safety Plans Professionally prepared.


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28 Years Experience as a City Home Inspector, Accessory Dwelling Unit Design, Commercial Inspector, BCIN Design,
Building Advice, Fire Safety Plan, Building Permit Applications

Building Permit Application Services

Don’t get frustrated travelling to City Hall 2,3,4 times or more in order to apply for a Building Permit. Does it seem like the person behind the counter is speaking to you in a different language? Do they keep asking you for additional information each time you arrive at the front counter?  For everything you need to know about the Building Permit Process, please click the following link, jk Building Permit Application Services  .   I have posted almost everything you need to know about the Building Permit Application Process.  This is not a complete list, since there are many variables, and circumstances, ie. Lot Severances, Minor Variances, Zoning By-Law Amendments, I can also insist with these too.  Please call for pricing, and any questions that you may have.  

Building Advice

Are you looking for some simple impartial advice regarding an aspect of your home?  Contemplating minor or major upgrades to your home?  Questions you may have but don’t know who to ask?  New heating and air conditioning system.  High efficiency or mid efficiency? Do i need a humidifier? Don’t know what to look for?  New roof, shingles, metal?  Do I need tar paper on the whole roof? Eaves protection? What’s that?   Windows and doors, R rating? What’s that?  New kitchen cupboards, have you thought about plumbing and electrical changes? Additions , alterations , renovations , patios , decks , accessory buildings, do you need a reputable contractor or help? Please call for pricing, and any questions that you may have. Please click on the following link for more information,  jk Building Advice

Household Solutions

Household Solutions – Do you have a Problem with your home?  Don’t know who to ask for help?  Call me I will identify the problem and offer a solution.  Not sure if the insulation in your attic is safe?  Did you buy a Home with Aluminum wiring?  No need to get concerned, call me for answers.  Do you have a leaky foundation wall?  Several Options are available, new products are available all the time.  I will be attending a meeting in Toronto mid – February to learn about a new product available for leaky foundations.  I have solutions to your problems.  Please call for pricing, and any questions that you may have.  Please click the following link for more information,  jk Household Solutions   I will be updating “Household Solutions” and my “Inspection Blog” after attending the meeting in Toronto about this new Leaky Foundation Wall Solution.  

Building Code Consultant Services

Home Renovation or Improvement Project go wrong at your Home?  Dissatisfied with the work?  Was everything done according to your contract? Were certain things left out?  Maybe you need a Professional Assessment of work that was done? I know the Ontario Building Code, and how to use it, I can provide you with a Professional Report referencing the Ontario Building Code.  Do you still have money that is owed to the contractor? I may be able to help avoid the Legal Process, if not I can be your expert Court Witness, I have all the necessary Credentials.  Give me a call before you go through the Legal Process, it may be as simple as having a Professional Assessment Report of work done, prepared by me, for you to bring to your contractor, to possibly negotiate rather than going to court. Please call for pricing, and any questions that you may have.  Please click the following link for more information,  jk Building Code Consultant Services

jk Home & Commercial Inspections Services

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