Leaky Foundation Solutions – Kelso Coatings

Leaky Foundation Solutions – Kelso Coatings is using a product developed and patented in China, that does more than just stop foundation leaks from the inside or from the outside of a building. This product has more applications than just for buildings. This revolutionary product stops leaks and prevents further deterioration of concrete underground, it has stopped leaks in parkades, tunnels, dams, and even prevented further structural damage to bridges by applying CN2000 from Kelso Coatings.

Leaky Foundation Solutions – Kelso Coatings   

When CN2000 is applied on a saturated surface, it becomes an integral part of the concrete, self-healing cracks that may form days, months or even years after application, effectively stopping the deterioration before it starts.

 CN2000 can be applied on the outside or inside of your structure, bypassing expensive excavation costs. The anti-corrosive material, flexibility, high freeze-thaw and chloride resistance of CN2000 protects our concrete infrastructure against harsh weather and environment, making it an ideal waterproofing solution.

 Patented, Self Healing, & Permanent

 CN2000 creates a crystalline waterproofing barrier by penetrating into the concrete, and remains dormant until moisture re-activates it. This effect lasts within the concrete structure, for its’ entire lifespan. 

  Tested By Canada’s Top Engineering Institutions

 Queen’s University and National Research Council Canada