Building Advice

Building Construction and Home Improvement Advice, before you start your Project

Building Advice

I will come to your home and provide you with experienced building advice.  You then will have the insight to get the job done right.   Please be aware that there are a lot of unreputable contractors out there just waiting to take your money, leaving you with a poor or incomplete project.  Don’t be a statistic.  Protect yourself, call me first.

Building Advice – Samples of Frequently asked Questions?

Replacing your Furnace and Air conditioning system?

  • Do I need a high efficiency, mid efficiency? What’s a direct vent? What’s a B-vent?
  • Which company has the best reputation for furnaces?
  • Do i need a humidifier?
  • What’s an HRV?  How do I get fresh air into the home?  Can an HRV be installed to resolve a high humidity problem in my home?

Need a New Roof?

  • What are Lifetime Shingles?  How many years will they really last?
  • What’s Eaves Protection?  Do I need it? Do I need to tar paper the entire roof?
  • What are ridge cap shingles?
  • How many roof vents do I need?  What’s a ridge vent? How is roof venting supposed to work?
  • What’s drip edge?
  • Do I need new flashing?  What’s step flashing?  Do I need new valleys?

Building Advice – Let me answer all of your questions.

Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by calling me first.  Get the job or project done right the first time, don’t spend money on things that you don’t need.  I am offering you a very affordable way to become an educated consumer, whether you are doing the work yourself or about to solicit quotations on anything inside or outside your home.

Best Energy Practices for New Buildings, Gov. Canada

Construction Practices for Superior Quality

Building Advice Building Construction and Home Improvement Advice
Building Advice Building Construction and Home Improvement Advice
Building Advice Building Construction and Home Improvement Advice
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Get the Job Done Right the First Time and Save Money!

Building Advice Building Construction and Home Improvement Advice

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