Don’t Feel Pressured by a Real Estate Agent

Don’t Feel Pressured by a Real Estate Agent.  Firstly the Real Estate Agent should have your best interests at heart, should be fair and honest, and most of all sincere!  This evening I had the pleasure to meet a nice young man from a City almost 4 hours away, looking to make a new life for his girlfriend and himself in the Niagara Region.  The Real Estate Agent told him, that if he used his Home Inspector, the Inspector would give him a $50 discount on the Home Inspection.  Hmmm?  Right there!!!  This young man didn’t bite, he found me.

First time Home Buyer, very enthusiastic, thinking potential for family and future, unfortunately his enthusiasm, combined with a Real Estate Agent telling him there was another offer coming in, got the best of him, (was there really another offer coming in?, Hmmm again??),  not wanting to miss out on the “Opportunity of a Lifetime” (since we all hate to miss out on opportunities), he made an offer Conditional upon a Satisfactory Home Inspection.

Before I go any further, I would like to say that I know a lot of good, sincere, trustworthy Real Estate Agents that respect and honor the Real Estate Code of Ethics of Ontario, choose your agent carefully.

I took almost 100 photographs today, some of the things I saw today,  concrete block foundation wall with efflorescence evidence of water infiltration, mold and mildew on the inside of the foundation walls, spalling concrete on the inside foundation walls, poor lot grading – draining towards the house rather than away, downspouts draining towards the home or onto a detached garage in the backyard, the foundation wall to poured concrete driveway had tar at the joint to prevent water from getting to the foundation wall – unfortunately that doesn’t work since water will always find a way in, no metal or aluminum flashing where the first storey meets the second storey just tar, no flashing around the chimney more tar, looks like plumbing was done inside the home since there are plumbing vents penetrating the roof without any rubber flashing around, more tar, open sanitary sewers in the basement, floor drain plugged with paper towels to prevent sewer gases from entering the home, no working carbon monoxide detectors or smoke detectors throughout the entire home, no gfci plugs, no electrical outlets outside, in the attic there were containers filled with mouse/rat food killer, cartons and cartons of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda containers in the attic, evidence of roof water infiltration at some time (no rain in the last 72 hours), and more.

At the end of our Inspection, my client told the Agent that he was walking away from the home, that’s when the agent threw a fit at my client.

I would have liked to have posted actual photos, but feel that it is inappropriate to do so, the following photo is from the internet, just to give you an idea of what I saw today.

Don’t Feel Pressured by a Real Estate Agent!!!  Get a good sincere one!!!

Don't Feel Pressured by a Real Estate Agent

Don’t Feel Pressured by a Real Estate Agent